Stream games between 2 computers in the same local network

Anh-Thi Dinh
I want to play games from Mac M1 and these games are playing from another PC which is connected to the same local network with my Mac M1.
In case you want to full control between 2 computers in the local networks, or working with SSH, use No Machine. Read this note for more: Local connection between 2 computers.
We use Steam Link.

Setting up

On Windows
  • Install Steam (not Steam Link) and login.
  • Open Steam, install games you like.
  • In case you cannot automatically connect from Steam Link (on Mac), go to Steam > Settings > Remote Play > Tick Enable Remote Play > Pair Steam Link > Fill the number from Steam Link on Mac > Follow next instructions and done!
  • In case you want to add games from other platforms outside Steam: Games > Add Non-Steam Games to my library… > Tick the games you want. In case you don’t see your games, click Browse… and add the executed file of the game (eg.
    • Epic Games’ games are in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\)
    • Ubisoft Games’s games are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games
    • There is another way to add Ubisoft Games.
On Mac
  • Install Steam Link (no need to install Steam). No need to login.
  • Follow the instructions. All steps are automatic.


  • Other options: Moonlight (you need NVidia driver for this one, it’s great too), Playnite.
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