Reading: You Don't Know JS Yet 2 (Scope & Closures) - Quick notes (from Chapter 6)

Anh-Thi Dinh
This is a quick & dirty draft, for me only!
This note serves as a reminder of the book's content, including additional research on the mentioned topics. It is not a substitute for the book. Most images are sourced from the book or referenced.
I've noticed that taking notes on this site while reading the book significantly extends the time it takes to finish the series. I've stopped noting everything, as in previous chapters, and instead continue reading by highlighting or hand-writing notes and use . I plan to return to this series when I have more time.

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Infor & Preface

This book contains 180 pages of readable content. If you read at a pace of 10 pages per day, it will take you approximately 18 days (without missing a day) to finish it. If you aim to complete it in 2 weeks, you'll need to read at least 13 pages per day.