Using one service account for multiple GCP projects

Anh-Thi Dinh
We want to use a service account (SA) of a project to manage this project and other projects too.

Create projects

Go to to add projects we want, let's say aa-test-one, aa-test-two and aa-test-three.

Create a SA

On the page of aa-test-one, go to APIs & ServicesCredentialsCreate CredentialsService Account → Give the neccessary information and grant this SA access to the project (eg. "Owner") → Done.
Copy the email of this SA, eg. [email protected].

Granting access to other projects

Go to another project, let's say aa-test-two.
Navigate to IAM and AdminIAMGrant Access → Paste the email in previous step to the "New principals" & assign roles to this principal (eg. "Owner") → Save.