I note some of my ways in working.

Work with this site note

  1. Any additional notes, remember to add key words to keywords section in the frontmatter.
  2. At the end of each month, update My learning log.
  3. Any changes on style of this website, make an update to branch template.

Git ssh on local

  1. Download git desktop: Github Desktop (Windows and MacOS), GitKraken (Windows, Linux, MacOS).
  2. Clone a ssh repo by terminal (I use cmder)
  3. Any change, stage and commit in git desktop.
  4. Push or pull or any remote connecting by terminal (in order to input the password).

Coding style

  1. Check others in this note.
  2. The name of some “not important” function in a class should start with _, e.g. _find_min().
  3. The name of some “not important” branch in git should start with _, e.g. _modify_theme.

Notes with this notation aren't good enough. They are being updated.