The Lengend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

This is a very personal note. It may (or may not) contain solutions to the trials in game. I use this note for not diving in an empty space of direction.

Tips #

Collecting #

  1. Find a hammer (or something to hew down a tree) around some Stable.
  2. Treasure chest shrine indicator on the map (right on the right of a shrine's name) where you forgot to collect all of them.
  3. Grab fairies (used to revive): find them near any of the Great Fairy Fountain or hiding in tall grass.
    1. Find Great Fairy Fountain: using this interactive map.
  4. Change the element of Chuchu Jelly: hitting a chuchu by a fire arrow / drop them on fire makes a red chuchu, for example! + Use chuhu to trap enemies.
  5. Fight silver enemies to get more valuable items.
  6. Using wood shield to collect arrows from enemies (when they shoot you).

Moving #

  1. You can make a shield surfing with holding a shiled (ZL) then X then A.
  2. Feed your horse with a increasing-stamina food, you can temporarily expand your horse's stamina.
  3. Type of horses: spotted (slower + easier to tame), one colored (quicker + harder to tame).
  4. Create an updraft by lighting grass on fire.
  5. Using the final breath when climbing (press X).
  6. Revive a horse: seek Malanya Spring > Highland Stable head south east towards the horse god bridge > the end of the path > find something looks like a Great Fairy but not. Cost: 1000 rubies.

Upgrading #

  1. Expand inventory space: talk to Hestu and pay him korok.
    1. Find korok seeds: using this interactive map
    2. Find Hestu: first time in the south of Kakariko village (solve The Priceless Maracas quest.), check more in this guide).
    3. Cost (for each stash, it'll be reset for each of stash): 1 for the first upgrade, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 5 for 4th and so on.
  2. Reassign heat container and stamina vessels: in Hatano village, status at the bottom of the hill on the other side of the village entrance.

Battling #

  1. You can use Stasis to freeze an enemy for a short time and then hit it.
  2. Master sword beam: full health + R (not throwing your sword).
  3. You can use shield t o counter-attack (deflect) to enemies' blow (including Guardians): press A right before it lands for a Perfect guard.
  4. Perfect dodge: jump out of the way of an attack right before it's about to hit you and then Y to perform the attack flurry.

Materials #

Food & Ingredients #

Food & Ingredients

Hearty & Energizing & Enduring #

Hearty & Energizing & Enduring

Spicy & Chilly & Electro & Fireproof #

Spicy & Chilly & Electro & Fireproof

Hasty & Sneaky & Mighty & Tough #

Hasty & Sneaky & Mighty & Tough

Monster Parts #

Monster Parts

Dragon Parts #

Dragon Parts

Location #

Use below info with this interactive map.

Weapons #

  • Fire Rod (to make fire): Dropped by a Fire Wizzrobe. There is one near Woodland Tower.
    nhung game ban phai choi it nhat 1 lan trong doi

Status #

  • Status to change heart and stamina containers: south west of Hateno village.
  • Status to get more heart / stamina container: use this interactive map.

References #

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