This is my personal list of to-do things after reinstall Windows.

  1. Update and install drivers.
  2. Opera browsers and sign in to sync.
  3. DeepL: best translator for Windows using AI.
  4. QTTranslate: quick and easy translate words and hear the pronounciation.
  5. Unikey: Vietnamese Input Method.
  6. Log in to online accounts (Google, Stack Overflow, Github, Dropbox,…)
  7. cmder: drop-down terminal & install personal setting file (can be found in /config/).
  8. IObit Uninstaller.
  9. WinRAR.
  10. Notion.
  11. Git & Gitkraken/Github Desktop.
  12. Clone repositories from Github.
  13. Visual Studio Code and extensions (Bracket Pair Colorizer, Docker, Markdown All in One, Markdown Shortcuts, Python, Remote Development, Auto Close Tag)
  14. Microsoft Office.
  15. GoldenDict + dictionaries & Lingoes + dictionaries.
  16. Uninstall OneDrive.
  17. Microsoft Teams + Slack + Trello.
  18. LockHunter: delete being used files/folders.
  19. QTTabBar: Tabs for Windows Explorer. After installing and opening, choose View > Options > tick on QTTabBar only then right click on toolbar and choose Lock the toolbar.
  20. MailSpring: email client.
  21. Mail and Calendar but don’t enable sync for Mail, use MailSpring instead.
  22. TeXLive + Texmaker.
  23. Google Backup and Sync.
  24. Anaconda (python and it dependencies)
  25. Docker Desktop.
  26. Internet Download Manager / Extreme Download Manager.
  27. Matlab.
  28. Affinity Designer.
  29. K-Lite Codec Pack: video media player.
  30. Foxit Reader: PDF reader.