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This is a draft, the content is not complete and of poor quality!
Change default directory in cmder
  1. Go to settings
  2. Then, Startup > Tasks
  3. Choose {cmd::Cmder}
  4. Choose the below-right box, let the cursor at the end of the text
  5. Click on "Startup dir…"
  6. Choose your desired directory > OK
  7. Remove the current line with the new appearing one (new_console:d:%USERPROFILE%)
  8. Click on Save settings
Disable navigation by cursor on Brave (cursor showing up in the window at all times)

Toggle F7.

Cortana uses Chrome instead of Edge
  • Download and install this app (reinstall it after every update of Windows).
  • Choose EdgeDeflector as the default web browser if it asks.
  • Install this extension in Chrome to force to redirect from Bing to Google Search Engine.
Change default directory in PowerShell
  • Create a folder in your Documents folder called WindowsPowerShell
  • Create a file called profile.ps1 inside this folder
  • Add following command Set-Location c:\abc
  • Every time you launch PowerShell, the profile script will be executed
Remove apps permission from Google Apps (Youtube, Google Play Music, …)
Problem of hsts

Cannot open a page with security problem.

  1. Go to chrome://net-internals/#hsts
  2. "Query HSTS/PKP domain", fill domain, e.g.
  3. "Delete domain security policies", fill domain and click on Delete.
  4. Try again > Click on "Advanced" > Click on ...unsafe....
Download flash video

In most case, you can use Flash Video Downloader (for Chrome) or other extensions to detect the video url.

In the case browser extensions cannot capture the url, you can open the Developer Tools (in Chrome, press F12) > Reload the page and click to play again the video > Network tab > Media tab > click on any sources on the left column (videoplayback?expire...) > On the right column, in tab Headers > General > Copy the content in Request URL, something like below,

Open a new tab in your browser, Ctrl + S to save the video. You can also open the Downloads manager in your browser (Ctrl + J) to copy the download link and use other Download Manager tools to download this video without using the browser!

Github README on localhost

In stall grip.

# go to the file's directory
grip # if file is
Split mp3 audio into tracks

It's useful if you download mp3 audio from a youtube video.

  1. Download & Install Audacity (free, available for macos, linux, windows).
  2. Check this official manual. Shortly,
    1. Select start and end (type number) at the sectio below "Start and End of Selection".
    2. Using cmd + B to "Add label at selection"
    3. Name for labels: Whenever a label is created, a small rectangle box appear next to the label point, click there to name the label.
    4. After adding all necessary labels, File > Export > Export Multiple > Split file based on "Labels" (tick on "Include audio before the first label) > "Name file" (should choose "Using Label/Track Name") option and then "Export".