My name is Dinh Anh Thi (call me Thi), a Vietnamese guy who is curious about everything.

I start from an amateur mathematician and a curious learner. I like to write about applied maths, apps and tools which are helpful for the human life. I also like to draw, to read, to travel and to meet people.

My dream goes with, a Vietnamese site for Maths, LaTeX, Education and Technology. This site is different from the others because it focuses on the relationship between knowledge and human life. For example, Maths posts don’t talk about the pure theories but about applications of Maths in real life, about the way we can understand maths’ concepts intuitively.

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How to contact?

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Current address: Apt. 211, 6 avenue Adolphe CHAUVIN, 95300, Pontoise, France.
  • Website: (founder)
  • Personal site (this site):
  • Current job: PhD student (at University Paris 13, France)

My resume


  • Ph.D. student at U.Paris 13 (12/2013 - present)
    I keep working on the biofilm’s life with a higher level. I have used Finite Element Method coupling with FreeFem++ to simulate the life of biofilm.
  • Intern at U. Paris 13 (4/2013 - 7/2013)
    Working on the subject “Mathematical modeling of biofilms resistance to antimicrobial agents” for 4 months under the guidance of Prof. Linda El ALAOUI. My thesis.
  • Student of France-Vietnam Master 2 program (2012 - 2013)
    I studied 6 subjects with different fields (including Numerical Analysis, Statistics, PDE,…). At the end of the program, I took an internship at U.Paris 13.
  • Student of Department of Mathematics , HCM City University of Pedagogy (2008 - 2012)
    I learned a lot of Maths topics and how to become a Maths teacher.
  • Student of Ben Tre high school for gifted students (2005 - 2008)
    My main major here is Maths.

Research Experiences

  • Ph.D. project with the subject: “A finite element approximation of a biofilm growth model” (12/2013 - present)
    Under the supervision of Prof. Linda El Alaoui (U. Paris 13) and Prof. Adel Blouza (Rouen U.).
  • Master project with the subject “Mathematical modeling of biofilms resistance to antimicrobial agents” (4/2013 - 7/2013)
    Under the supervision of Prof. Linda El Alaoui (U. Paris 13). My thesis.
  • Realization of scientific research and graduation thesis in applied Maths. Subject: “Distance learning applying HTTP Live Streaming technology on Windows platform”. (2012)
    Base on the ideas of teachers and students in HCM city, I with my partners developed a website for the distance learning purpose.

Professional Experiences

  • [New] Attending the “10 years of French-Vietnamese master in applied mathematics with the topic Analysis, Probability and their applications” at Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, Vietnam (11-16 Dec 2016). Reference site.
  • Attending the third meeting about Maths, Biology and Medicine of Université Sorbonne Paris Cité at University Paris 13, France (25 Jan 2016)
    My talk’s topic “Finite element approximation of the biofilm growth model.”. Reference site.
  • Attending the seventh workshop on Generic Solvers for PDEs: FreeFem++ and its Applications at University Paris 6, France (15-16 Dec 2015)
    My talk’s topic “Simulating some interface problems with FreeFem++.”. Reference site.
  • Attending the workshop “Workshop sur la modélisation de biofilms” at Rouen, France (12-13 Oct 2015)
    My talk’s topic “Simulation de la croissance d’un biofilm”. Reference site.
  • Attending the 11th “Semaine d’Étude Maths-Entreprises” at Rouen, France (13-17 Oct 2014)
    Working on the topic “Schéma numérique pour la récupération assistée du pétrole par des procédés chimiques” proposed by IFPEN. Reference site.
  • Attending the biology summer school at Luminy, Marseille, France (7-11 July 2014)
    I had a chance to learn about biology from the fundamental. It helps me much on my research topic. Reference site.
  • Attending the biofilm summer school “Models for bacterial biofilms formation : mathematical, physical and biological perspectives” at Nice, France (10-13 June 2014)
    I met many scientists who are working on biofilms topic and I discussed a lot with them. Reference site.
  • Teacher at Nhat Minh education center (2012)
    I undertook to teach some classes from 6th to 12th grade.
  • Maths trainee teacher at Giong Ong To high school, Ho Chi Minh city (3/2012 - 5/2012)
  • Attending the training course of Intel about applying IT into Maths for Maths teachers. (2011)
    I learned how to apply project based approaches into teaching and how to how to take a full advantage of IT at school. Reference site.
  • Maths trainee teacher at Ly Thuong Kiet high school, Ho Chi Minh city (3/2011 - 4/2012)


  • Languages: Vietnamese (native), English (full professional proficiency), French (limited working proficiency)
  • Programming: Microsoft Office, HTML/JS/PHP/CSS, C++, FreeFem++, Matlab, Maple, VBA, Blogger, Jekyll, LaTeX.
  • Others: writing, blogging, drawing.

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